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From: "patricia salter" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] The Big 6 pertinent questions
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 08:39:14 +0100
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> 1, When you hit a dead end in your research due to lack of resources, do
> you
> switch off family history for a while?

No, I'm a total obsessive and I research every name that appears in my tree,
ie the wife or husband's family of a second or third cousin, families that
link into these extended families and so on, I think by the time I have
finished I will have at least half of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in my
file. Essex is proving my stumbling block at the moment as I cannot find
the marriage of my GG Grandfather who was from Northampton and my GG
Grandmother who was from Walthamstow, or any of their children born in
Woodford, apart from my G Grandfather. I know they must have had more than
one child. So I am leaving them on hold while I walk through the 41 and 51
censuses of Beds and Herts, which has brought up many surprises, not to
mention that I have found nearly every one in the villages that I am most
interested in were related to each other somewhere down the line from the
16th to 20th centuries.
> 2. At this same time, do you start researching all of the other possible
> leads in other relevant/non-relevant parts of your research?

I think this is answered above.
> 3. Whilst doing research, do you ever just get involved in a project (of
> your own making) to add useful info that you have available to other
> researchers?

Yes, I am willing to share my research with anyone who is researching any of
the surnames in my database. I am also involved in transcribing wills and
other documents for the Pirton Historical Society who eventually will be
getting a free to view website up for that village, with all parish register
information, census information, wills, land tax etc etc.
> 4. Do you sometimes ask yourself 'why am I spending so much time on this
> research'?

Not really, although I do feel bad when I dont do something that I should
have done because I was too involved in my family tree - like work!
> 5. Almost finally, don't you feel silly for some of the simple mistakes
> made
> in your early days of researching family history? Are you able to admit
> these 'silly' mistakes, and share your knowledge with those who are in the
> process of doing the same?

Yes, we're all newbies at some time, but with time we all improve and I am
happy to tell people where they can find the information they need, and to
use that useful resource Google.
> 6. Ah, hah, there has to be a sixth question; the important one! There are
> a
> small number of people who expect others to do their research for them,
> for
> free, e.g. 'Can you list all 'Brown' living in Chelmsford during the 1843
> riots?' etc. I am making this example up, but, how do we decide between
> being helpful and being taken for a free ride?

A very important question - as above I am willing to share my research with
people who share ancestors or indirect ancestors that I have in my tree. I
do not do 'look ups', I am too busy going through censuses and parish
registers looking for my own people. I dont ask for look ups myself as I
much prefer to find out the information for myself, that way you get a feel
for the people you are researching, seeing who they lived next door to etc
etc etc, its the only way as far as I am concerned. By asking for look ups
you arent learning anything, just a place and a date and you miss out on the
whole picture. Before people start saying "oh but I cant get to a record
office or a library' I can assure you neither can I, I have RA and find it
difficult getting around. I do most of my research by buying census and
parish CDs, subscribing to Ancestry, ordering wills and other documents, and
before I get shouted down by people saying that they cant afford these
things, neither can I but I make a point of buying at least one CD a month,
surely £5 or £6 put aside per week wouldnt break the bank, thats the cost of
one pack of cigarettes!!!
I have a question to add to this thread, based on the above answer. I
would like to know what you get out of Family History when you rely on other
people to do the look ups?


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