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From: Arlene Amodei <>
Subject: Apprenticeship
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 09:10:58 -0700
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Hi, all
I've been enjoying the answers to the questions. Most answers kinda
mirror my own experience. Now, I have a question of my own. I've run
into brick walls with my Colchester ancestors. However, I've recently
read that apprenticship papers are available for research and some of
my "brick walls" may apply.
First, I have Thomas CLARK, shown in the Lion's Walk register as a
shoemaker when the birth of his children was entered. James BENNEL was
listed as first a "tapper" and next as a "weaver", though his will says
he was a farmer.
Next, the 1861 census (Middlesex but originally from Colchester) shows
my 3 ggfather, Wm CLARK as a journeyman carpenter, and although we know
his father and grandfather, we get stuck on Thomas, I'd still like to
know if he had to take out indenture papers.
His wife, Mary KING Clark, shows as a journeyman tailor. She is the
mystery--born in France, Valencennes acccording to the '61 census. We
don't know if she was French or English, only that her father was
Samuel KING.

My other Colchester "brick walls" are John WOODWARD b. about 1700, and
wife Rebecca--no other info except they had and buried sons named
Edward, and daughters named Rebecca, but one Rebecca survived to become
one of my grandmotherss.

Basic question is: Is is possible that the above had indenture papers.
If so, would I look in London or Chelmsford. Would the new CD by
Archive CD books be helpful? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Northern California

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