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From: "Jenny De Angelis" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Post Mortem
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 19:52:26 +0100
References: <420F2BC2.00001F.00472@Maggs>

Have you found the report of the inquest in the newspapers? You may also
find a report of the death of your uncle in the local newspaper, both of
which could give you some details to be going on with.

I have found someone in our family who died in an accident at work in an
iron works, I have the report of the accident and then a few days later the
report of the coroners court. Both items together give the full story of
what happened.

I also have the newspaper report of the coroner's court of the death of my
grandfather who died after virtually being mugged in 1915. It takes up half
a page of the local broadsheet newspaper large page and gives details I
would otherwise not have known about him and my grandmother and aunt, who
both gave evidence to the court.

You may find an article written about the finding of your uncles's body or
something which could give a different angle to that in the newspaper report
of the coroner's court. A suicide would have been newsworthy for the local

Jenny DeAngelis

> I have enquired at Birmingham Records Office, which is in the Central
> Library and post mortem records are closed for 75 years.
> I am waiting to see if my great uncle's still survives but cannot view it
> until 2006 as he committed suicide in 1931 and a post mortem was held into
> his death.

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