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From: "colleen morrison" <>
Subject: Re: Severalls - doesn't it drive you mental?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 21:04:29 -0000
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You're correct in your guess, Pat, like so much of our prime heritage here
in Essex and most other parts of the South East, the developers are moving
in for their nasty, ritual feeding frenzy on the Severalls site.I understand
that Severalls is in the very early process of redevelopment as a housing
estate, it may even still be at what may be euphemistically called the
tender stage - what an odd word 'tender' is for a process of fierce rivalry,
during which those nice people, the developers, attempt to rip each other's
throats out.

I understand that the local authority (Colchester) are making it a
requirement that the developers retain part of the building (how kind) and
the majority of the trees which this strangely lovely site has in abundance.
So there will still be something in the middle of this - entirely
inappropriate, modernist, London loft style mess? - for those with ancestors
who were sadly interned here to see when you visit.

The district needs more hospitals, in particular given the massive
destruction of heritage to develop and move ever more people into the
villages surrounding Colchester. Severalls could and should have become the
administrative part of one, but the good old powers that be lacked the
brains and willpower for anything but a money trundling estate.

There was a campaign by local people, but Two Jags said, 'Where do you
expect uz to put all these flippin' 'ouses for all the newcomers then - in
'ool? No chance' When local people - and a lot more besides - demanded
rationalisation of the number of newcomers flooding here, Two Jags went
strategically deaf.


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From: "pat.robertson" <>

> Most patient records from Mental Instituations are closed for 100 years.
> If there are any records they are usually held by the local record office.
> Is the hospital still there or has it been bought by a developer and
> turned into a housing estate as have most of the old Asylum sites? Our
> local Archives in Maidstone has a massive amount of records from the local
> Asylum. I have researched some of the older ones and they do make very
> harrowing reading. Pat Robertson Maidstone
> researching Britton and Manning in Essex.

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