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From: "Keith Elmo Eldridge" <>
Subject: ADMIN, Signatures on Essex-UK
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 16:12:20 -0000
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Dear Essex-UK Subscribers,

Cornelia brought up the subject of signatures. In e-mails, especially on
mailing lists, it is usual etiquette to restrict a signature to four lines.
I have not, and don't intend to in the future, strictly enforced this on
Essex-UK, but please bear this in mind when creating signatures.

Please also consider how others are going to see your messages. When
searching the archives it is body of the message that is normally of
interest, so it is useful to exclude the names in the signature from these
searches. This is usually achieved by putting dots between each letter.
For example :
--H.O.C.K.L.E.Y, B.U.R.N.S and D.O.W.S.E.T.T in Essex, England
There are many ways of searching the archives. False positives triggered by
signatures are a easy way of people missing the contents of your messages.
Please remember that all of you messages to Essex-UK, including the
signatures, are stored in the archives. Please don't fill them with
repetitive junk.

The rules about using all uppercase for family names and leading capitals
for given names and place names also applies to signatures. As I have
mentioned many times before, the reason for this is that it is sometimes
difficult to tell the difference between the names of places and people and
reducing the confusion between names is a benefit to the list as a whole.

The use of "-- " at the start of the signature is now a bit archaic. Old
e-mail software used to be able to ignore anything after the "-- ", but I am
not aware of any current software that does it.

Discussion of this is, as Cornelia correctly indicated, is off topic. Any
comments on this should therefore not be sent to the list

--Keith Elmo ELDRIDGE
--Buxworth, High Peak, Derbyshire, England.
--Listowner Essex-UK-L

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