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From: "patricia salter" <>
Subject: Re: Beer, trivia, etc. on a genealogy list?
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 09:55:57 -0000
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I see what you are saying Ruth, but mine definitely started off as farriers
and blacksmiths and later took on the beerhouse role. I also had
carpenters and wheelwrights (like you) who later on added the beerhouse role
to their previous occupations, even an undertaker!

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Subject: Re: Beer, trivia, etc. on a genealogy list?

>I think there may have been an association the other way between inns and
> both blacksmiths (or at least farriers) and wheelwrights. Having an inn
> attracted people who needed both services. More than one of my
> wheelwrighting Essex Ayletts seems to have kept an inn in the 19thC.
> Ruth
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>> Hear hear, Colleen. And going back to the beer trivia, I have several
>> ancestors who were blacksmiths, and also later on became beerhouse
>> keepers - I am wondering if this occurred through people having their
>> horses
>> shod, and the blacksmith offering them a mug of beer while they waited,
>> and
>> eventually the beer drinking started to take off in the parlour, so that
>> the
>> beer house keeper bit came along as a sort of accident. Any thoughts on
>> this?
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