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From: "colleen morrison" <>
Subject: Re: Beer, trivia, etc. on a genealogy list?
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 04:03:58 -0000
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Dry facts and dates may be the be all and end all of research to a few
researchers who's main goal is to collect as many names and dates as
possible. However many of us - and I would say the majority - view our
family history as about much more than that. We want to put life into the
dusty skeletons we've found, get to know and understand our ancestors and
how they lived as far as we can.

So the majority of us are fascinated by the patchwork of minutia that made
up our ancestors' daily lives. We're delighted to find out where they lived,
what their homes and communities were like, what they earned and could buy
with their pay, what they ate and drank, what pubs, utensils and tools they
used, what they did with the very small amount of leisure time they had.
Discussion about such minutia is not only relevant, its vital to developing
our understanding of our ancestors. Our research is so much richer for such

To those who feel such information is just a waste of search time, well
that's your loss - and our gain. I too am glad you're leaving, Bob, because
Essex listers are the most helpful and friendly people on any of the lists
and our list owner is the best on Rootsweb - and you have rudely insulted
all of us. I agree with Bob, Geoff and Elysia and others, your insulting and
childish rants are not welcome here.


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From: "Bob Foster" <>

>I don't wish to sound rude (but that is how it will be received), the truth
>is that if I want to hear about lagers and ales or the family tree of the
>imbecile descendant of Britsh ancestry who is the current President of the
>United States, I shall go and Google for it, thank you very much. Perhaps
>this off-topic chatter is just fine with your list hands-off administrator,
>or perhaps it's a Brit bonding thing, the truth is I really don't know or
>care. I am serious about my research and I don't have the time or the
>inclination to wade through all of your idle blather.
> And rather than suffer through all of your indignant rants or squeals
> about how small-minded I am (bloody Yank and all that), my next message
> will be to Roots-request to unsubscribe. I've been on lists like this
> before, and they appear to be a refuge for the bored, lonely and those
> without a clue as to how to proceed with their own research. I've got no
> time for any of this and those of you doing serious research ought not to
> put up with it either. When the boozy flakes take over the list, that's
> it. Nothing gets done.

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