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From: "ian terry" <>
Subject: Re: Coop Tickets
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 00:21:24 +0100

I still have two books of green sheild stamps

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From: Diane Sowden <>
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Date: Saturday, September 25, 2004 04:39
Subject: Re: Coop Tickets

>Then there was 'Green Shield' stamps, does anyone remember them? My dad
used to have books and books of the things!!!! I used to have to stick them
all in the books!!!! Used to get 'double' at the petrol stations!!!!
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> Subject: Re: Coop Tickets
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> My mum used to shop at William's in Hornchurch Essex, and they gave
> metal 'tickets' for her to save and have money off things.
> The Royal Arsenal Coop used to give metal tokens that you collected until
'divvy day' when you took them in and received cash for them. The large oval
tuppenny one was just the right size to fit the gas meter and it was a
common thing for the gas man to be given real money in exchange for all the
tokens he found inside when he emptied the meter.
> DaveD

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