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From: "J. Buck" <>
Subject: Re: Coop Tickets/Victor Value
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 10:43:33 +0100
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Didn't Victor Value become Tesco?

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> I didnt realize you had Green Shield stamps in England, I lived in the US
> back in those days and used to save them, got a whole set of Samsonite
> luggage with mine.
> It was Sperry & Hutchinson who issued Green Stamps in the US but another
> organisation beat them to the colour in the UK when they started the
> separate Green Shield Stamps. This left S&H with the task of finding
> colour and they chose pink.
> Unfortunately, Green Shield had most of the market sewn up by then and
> only large customer was a UK supermarket chain called Victor Value, which
> was not a raging success. With VV's demise, S&H seem to have left the UK
> For the record, the successor to Green Shield is still going as Argos
> Premier Points as the later incarnation of a reward scheme) although it
> had several changes in owner since those days.
> DaveD

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