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Subject: Re: ESSEX-UK-D Digest V04 #301
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 16:30:14 EDT

I wonder if Caroline would pull that one on her mother at the Co-op nowadays?
Since we're all tripping down memory lane, I so clearly remember my mother
instructing me in Birmingham, as I was about to go and do her errands " Go to
the Co-op. 8104, and DON'T FORGET." I swear I never did! I loved the Co-op for
those overhead metal money buckets, and the vacuum system, called I seem to
remember, Lampson tubes. And the huge, fat, white-coated man who served us
looking down at me over his massive girth straight in the eye and never cracking a
smile. And the sacks of rice on the sawdust-sprinkled, tiled floor. A virtual
community, so very different from the cavernous, anonymous supermarkets where I
shop today, knowing only one of the cashout ladies.

How clearly my memory works when I am in a group of people all remembering.

Who said this was a genealogy list?

Bill Jones.

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