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From: "Peter" <>
Subject: Re: No Response/Trying again ROBERTSON
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 22:04:02 +0100
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Not so - as I have stated elsewhere, I have ordered and received
certificates for births within the last 20 years - with NO requirement to
prove my relationship.

(Perth, Scotland)
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> GRO certificates and parish registers
> all have a 100-year block on them, meaning that they are not availbale
> the public to browse or consult.
> For England and Wales there is no block on viewing the indexes to the
> registers; the GRO did originally only give approval to FreeBMD for the
indexes up
> to 1900 to be put online but this policy changed a couple of years back.
> There is a (sort of) block on birth certs if you order in person at the
> but it is only about 50 years, and it is not a solid block. If you want a
> certificate for someone born in the last 50 years you have to justify
getting a
> copy of the certificate. In my case I wanted to get a certificate for
> someone who had been adopted some 45 years ago.
> You have to show proof of identity and address and you have to present the
> application form and an envelope addressed to the same place as your
> The form is specially endorsed by the Reception/Help Desk staff who will
> check your evidence and the envelope.
> There is no similar restriction on ordering by post.
> The aim of the FRC restriction (so far as I can surmise) is to stop people
> applying for birth certificates for children who had died young and using
> to obtain passports and other sorts of 'legal' documents.
> Scotland has a different system and you can download BMD entries direct
> the website.
> DaveD

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