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From: "Edwin and Cornelia Moore" <>
Subject: more Odd Christian names
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 15:54:49 -0700
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shall I conrinue with the list? I was so fascinated with what I found I
though I'd continue, but I may be boring others. just let me know-no
brickbats, please, I'm dingy enough already!

I've tried to keep the foreign names and recogniseable given names which are
uncommon out of the list (i.e. Brutus) some slip through. if there are two
names in the list, they are first and middle.

Renata, Hero (for a Dutch man, so maybe it's not strange for them), Rino
(for an Italian, perhaps it's common there?), Abial, Appimelatti (I'd like
to hear from anyone who knows these names, surname Diehl) Jeconias, Melita,
Aurelio, Alida (getting common where I live) Ali, Valentine, Mose (not
Moses), Lockhart, Bates, Radford, Bethenne (variant on Beth Anne?), Milton,
Theodosia, Melmon, Reini, Therlow, Elmeda, Jackson, Mahala, Edison,
Marshall, Bethany Grace, DeVal, Emmanuel, Spurgeon Eual, Ausby, Mehitable,
Alderson, Salem Constable, Tindall, Alma Euela, Arley, Harrison, Manning,
Philemon, Fena, Rameth, Harvell Howey

a girl with Roi (French Royal) for her middle name
a man with Ghiron for a middle name
a man with Meryon (maternal surname) for a middle name
a man with Xris for a middle name

there are so many people with maternal surnames for middle names I haven't
listed most of them.

more famous names;
John Henry, Mary Magdalene, Herman Gerhard (I think?)

that's enough for now-got through the Ha....'s this time!
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