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From: "John Mead" <>
Subject: ELMDON Baptisms Part 3
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 09:47:57 +0100

ELMDON Baptisms 1618/1702

Original parish registers at the Essex Record Office (some entries in Latin) transcribed by me in the 1980s. Now checked against photocopies (where available) of the registers.

Dates modernised/notes of marriages and burials at Elmdon)

Part 3: 1641/1660

27/06/1641 Michael son Michael/Ann Wooten

11/07/1641 Jane daughter William/Joan Rande

10/10/1641 Simond son Richard/Sarah Michaels (Simond Michaels br 11/11/1641)

28/11/1641 William son William/Dina Waters

05/01/1642 Alice daughter James/Alice Clarke

23/01/1642 Elena (Ellen) daughter Michael/Margaret Kitchen

30/01/1642 Richard son John/Ann Rumball (Richard Rumball br 10/03/1642)

06/02/1642 Thomas son Robert/Lucy Sell

06/03/1642 Samuel son Samuel/Anna Searle

03/04/1642 Robert son William/Grace Moule

03/04/1642 Mary daughter James, elder/Margaret Hoye

24/04/1642 Marie daughter George/Marie Bentson

15/05/1642 Thomas son Robert/Elizabeth Payne

31/07/1642 John son Mr Bartholomew/Joan Mumford

14/08/1642 Elena (Ellen) daughter Richard/Sarah Wood

21/08/1642 Susanna daughter Robert/Margery Day

15/10/1642 William son Thomas/Alice Chapman

11/12/1642 Anna daughter Richard/Sara Nickals

01/01/1643 John son William/Francis Shedd

07/04/1643 Thomas son Thomas/Elena (Ellen) Eves

09/04/1643 James son Elizabeth Kemp (James Kemp br 20/06/1643)

(spaces followed by the note ‘A parfit noot of what chelldren have benn baptised this yeere 1644’

03/09/1644 John son Samuel/Anne Chapman

03/11/1644 Thomas son James/Margaret Hoye

14/12/1644 [Thomas] son William/Joan Rand

18/12/1644 Anne daughter Michael/Margaret Kitchen

21/12/1644 John son Thomas/[Alice] Chapman

(11/10/1640 Richard Nickells = Sarah Sutton of Great Chishill)

02/02/1645 Sarah daughter Richard/Sarah Nickols

04/05/1645 [illegible] son William/Denne Waters

11/05/1645 Richard son William/Grace Mowle

18/05/1645 John son John/Elizabeth [Miller]

24/07/1645 William son William/Joan Starling (William Starling br 24/07/1645)

31/12/1645 Margaret daughter John/Anne Rumball

31/03/1646 Matthew son William/[Catherine] Lawe

24/05/1646 Grace daughter Thomas/Margaret Chapman

07/06/1646 Anna daughter William/Jone Starling

23/10/1646 Thomas son Marten/Ann Mowle

23/05/1647 William son Samuel/Anna Chapman

06/07/1647 son Michael/Margaret [Kitchen]

22/07/1648 John son John/Anna Brand

06/01/1649 Andrew son Robert/Elizabeth Payne

14/09/1650 John son John/Ann Searle

06/01/1652 Anna daughter John/Ann Searle

00/10/1653 John son John/Katherine Freeman

13/01/1653 Thomas son Thomas/Elizabeth Turner (born)

28/01/1653 Ann daughter William/Elizabeth Plummer (born)

13/03/1653 James son William/Mary Bull (born)

01/10/1653 John son Kohn/Katherine Freeman (baptised)

18/03/1654 William son John/Anne Reed (born)

25/03/1654 Thomas son James Scambler (born)

25/03/1654 Ann daughter James/Margaret Chapman (born)

18/04/1654 Thomas son Mathew/Elizabeth Parker (born)

04/05/1654 Rebecca daughter Samuel/Mary Edwards (born)

22/05/1654 Edward son Mr Thomas/Elizabeth Turner (baptised)

24/08/1654 James son Thomas/Alice Chapman (born) double entry also 10/08/1654 (born)

09/10/1654 Marthew daughter Henry/Marthew Numan (born)

24/01/1655 Robert son William/Joan Rand (born)

28/01/1655 Ann daughter William/Elizabeth Plummer (born)

07/05/1655 William son Clement/Ann Wright (born)

02/08/1655 Elizabeth daughter John/Elizabeth Newman (born)

03/12/1655 Elizabeth daughter James/Margaret Chapman (born)

20/12/1655 William son William/Mary Bull (born)

25/12/1655 Anna daughter John/Anna Brand (born)

28/02/1656 Samuel son Samuel/Francis Chapman (born)

09/04/1656 Stephen son Stephen/Martha Jurnor (baptised)

04/05/1656 Dorcas daughter Samuel/Mary Edwards (born)

04/05/1656 Mary daughter John/Mary Winde [Wine] (born)

07/05/1656 Jane daughter Mr Thomas/Elizabeth Turner (baptised)

Thomas Chapman of the parish of Elmdon in the County of Essex was chosen to be Register of the said parish on the 13th day of September 1653 and was sworn Register before me [Captain] Thomas Cook of Upper Chishill Esq., one of the Justices of the Peace for the said county…according to an Act of Parliament... I have here unto set my hand this 29th day of May 1656

10/09/1656 Joan daughter John/Hanna Reede (born)

14/09/1656 John son John/Ann Searle (12/12/1656 repeat entry in t/s)

26/09/1656 Ann daughter James/Alice Scambler (born)

27/09/1656 William son William/Katherine [Speed] (born)

04/12/1656 Thomas son John/Ann Searle (born)

16/12/1656 Henry son Henry/Mary [blank] (born)

20/12/1656 Elizabeth daughter John/Catherine Freeman (born)

20/02/1657 Ann daughter Henry/Martha Newman (born)

31/05/1657 Dorothy daughter John/Joan Moule (born)

08/07/1657 William son William/Elizabeth Plummer (born)

20/07/1657 Ann daughter John/Mary Wine (born)

27/08/1657 James son Samuel/Francis Chapman (born)

19/12/1657 Margaret daughter James/Margaret Chapman (born)

25/02/1658 Clement son Clement/Ann Wright (born)

06/07/1658 Thomas son John/Elizabeth Newman (born)

Collected for the fire Brides parish, London which happened on Thursday 7th October 1658

– collected at Elmdon 22nd May 1659 six shillings and four pence.

14/10/1658 Marthew [Martha] daughter Stephen/Marthew [Martha] Turner (born)

03/12/1658 Ellen daughter Thomas/Ellen Browne (born)

16/01/1659 George son John/Ann Rumball (born)

24/04/1659 John son William Bull (born)

10/05/1659 John son John/Mary Hilles (born) whose father John Hilles, lately deceased, who lived at Clare in the county of Suffolk

11/05/1659 Daniel son Samuel/Mary Edwards (born)

31/05/1659 John son John/Joan Mowle (born)

18/07/1659 Elizabeth daughter John/Mary Wine (born)

02/09/1659 Elizabeth daughter John/Joan Humberston (born)

09/09/1659 James son James/Margaret Chapman (born)

15/03/1660 Elizabeth daughter John Humberston (born)

27/02/1660 Mary daughter Nicholas/Mary Button (born)

13/08/1660 Anna daughter Stephen/Marthew Turner (born)

26/08/1660 William son Thomas/Elizabeth Moule (born)

20/12/1660 Benjamin son Samuel/Mary Edwards (born) help me in my research

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