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From: "John Mead" <>
Subject: ELMDON Baptisms Part 2
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 10:23:50 +0100

ELMDON Baptisms 1618/1702

Original parish registers at the Essex Record Office (some entries in Latin) transcribed by me in the 1980s. Now checked against photocopies

of the registers. (where available) (Dates modernised/notes of marriages and some burials at Elmdon)

(14/04/1629 Robert Adcock = Joan Shaw)

09/01/1631 George son George/Joan Adcock

06/02/1631 George son George/Francis Parmiter alias Reede

14/02/1631 Elizabeth daughter Edward/Martha Wade (Elizabeth Wade br 15/02/1631)

22/02/1631 Anna daughter Samuel/Anna Chapman

27/02/1631 Thomas son George, younger/Margaret Trigg

01/05/1631 Joan daughter Thomas/Joan Greene

15/05/1631 Thomas son James/Dorothy Prime

08/09/1631 John son John/Hester Thurman

25/09/1631 Anna daughter Richard/Anna Payne

(02/08/1630 John Camp = Ann Parker)

25/09/1631 John son John/Ann Camp

29/10/1631 [illegible] daughter Richard/Ann Humberstone

06/11/1631 Mary daughter Nicholas/Ann Butcher

04/12/1631 Mary daughter Thomas/Francis Numan

06/01/1632 Francis daughter Henry/Joan Hopper

18/02/1632 Joan daughter Robert/Lucy Sell

(11/10/1629 William Waters = Dinah Grinnell)

10/03/1632 John son William/Dennis sic Waters

11/03/1632 William son Bartholomew/Margaret Packman

18/03/1632 John son John/Elizabeth Milles

21/05/1632 George son John/Elizabeth Bull

16/12/1632 Joan daughter Henry/Ann Rose

13/01/1633 Thomas son William/Grace Moule

20/01/1633 Elizabeth daughter Thomas/Mercy Timothy

10/03/1633 Mary daughter Grace Law (Mary Law br 11/03/1633)

14/04/1633 Ambrose son Clement/Elizabeth Bayse

23/04/1633 Ambrose son Thomas/Joan Greene

13/06/1633 John son George/Mary Law

07/07/1633 Mary daughter William/Joan Harrison

03/11/1633 Jane daughter John/Margaret Slipper of Little Bardfield

02/02/1634 Barbary daughter John/Ann Camp

24/02/1634 Rose daughter Richard/Ann Humberstone

30/03/1634 Ann daughter Richard/Mary Wood

27/04/1634 William son William/Joan Rande

(24/05/1633 John Mathew = Grace Pering)

08/06/1634 John son John/Grace Mathew

10/08/1634 Katherine daughter John/Elizabeth Law

00/08/1634 Robert son Robert/Joan Adcock

17/08/1634 Sara daughter Robert Lucy Sell

21/08/1634 Robert son John/Hester Thurman

(24/05/1633 William Munsy = Petronella Ilger)

07/09/1634 Mary daughter William/Petronella Munsy

05/10/1634 Blanch daughter Thomas/Elena [Cutts]

05/10/1634 Joan daughter Thomas/Mary Kinge

29/10/1634 Francis daughter Thomas/Francis Newman

21/12/1634 Elizabeth daughter Nicholas/Joan [Larke]

15/02/1635 Elizabeth daughter William/Dennis Waters

15/02/1635 Elizabeth daughter John/Margaret Foster (‘they were traveller's)

24/05/1635 Edward son Clement/Elizabeth Bayes

05/07/1635 Jane + Mary twin daughters Hue/Joan Johnes (‘a welchman traviler’)

18/10/1635 Margaret daughter Michael/Margaret Kitchen

08/11/1635 Elizabeth daughter Thomas/Joan Greene

12/11/1635 Joseph son Samuel/Anna Chapman

22/11/1635 Robert son Bartholomew/Margaret Packman

22/11/1635 Margaret daughter Thomas/Elena Cuts

06/12/1635 James son Nicholas/Ann Butcher

21/12/1635 Margaret daughter John/Grace Mathew

14/02/1636 [illegible] son William/Grace Mowle

25/02/1636 Elizabeth daughter Richard/Ann Payne

22/05/1636 John son Richard/Ann Humberston

04/09/1636 John son Robert/Lucy Sell

23/10/1636 Elizabeth daughter John/Ann Harburt

27/11/1636 Margaret daughter Joseph/Ann Watson (‘of Bennet parish in Cambridge’)

09/01/1637 Michael son Michael/Margaret Kitchen

15/02/1637 [illegible] son William/Joan Rand

10/04/1637 [illegible] daughter James/Dorothy Prime

23/04/1637 [illegible] daughter Thomas/Elizabeth Eves

14/05/1637 William son Clement/Elizabeth Bayse

14/05/1637 John son Robert/Joan Adcock

16/05/1637 William son William/Anna Perin

30/05/1637 Margaret daughter Nicholas/Joan Harrison (Margaret Harrison br 26/12/1641)

18/06/1637 Sara daughter Robert/Mary Hawes

(04/11/1636 Richard Wood, widower = Sarah Mathies of Thunderley in Wimbish)

15/09/1637 Elizabeth daughter Richard/Sara Wood

15/09/1637 John son Thomas/Joan Greene

31/09/1637 Thomas son Thomas/Alice Chapman

22/10/1637 Thomas son George/Christian Kemp

31/10/1637 William son John/Elizabeth Milles

31/12/1637 Thomas son Thomas, younger/Alice Chapman

07/05/1638 Anna daughter Andrew/Blanch Payne

05/08/1638 Elizabeth daughter Samuel/Ann Chapman

27/09/1638 Thomas son Richard/Joan Bickmar (‘of Bockinn [Bocking] born 16/09/1638)

25/11/1638 Marie daughter William/Dina Waters

21/02/1639 Marie daughter Michael/Margaret Kitchen

20/07/1639 Dorothy daughter William/Grace Moule

17/08/1639 Elizabeth daughter James/Alice Clarke

25/08/1639 Henry son Robert/Lucy Sell

22/09/1639 Joan daughter Nicholas/Joan Harrison

24/11/1639 William son John, younger/Elizabeth Bull

08/12/1639 Francis daughter William/Joan Rande

28/01/1640 Jane daughter Bartholomew/Margaret Packman

28/01/1640 John son John, younger/Anna Rumball

18/02/1640 Bartholomew son Mr Bartholomew/Joan Mumford

23/02/1640 Jeremy son James/Margaret Hoye

08/03/1640 Robert son Robert/Elizabeth Paine

17/03/1640 Marie daughter Richard/Sarah Woode

06/04/1640 Elizabeth daughter Richard/Ann Humberstone

12/04/1640 Thomas son George/Marie Bentson

31/05/1640 George son Thomas/Alice Chapman

31/05/1640 Francis daughter William/Francis Shedd

19/07/1640 Marie daughter Thomas/Elena Eves

26/07/1640 Francis daughter William/Katherine Lawe

13/09/1640 Margaret daughter Marie Scambler (by Steven Simond)

24/09/1640 John son Richard/Joan Bickner (born 12/09/1640)

20/10/1640 Simon son Richard/Sara Nickals

05/11/1640 Richard son Clement/Elizabeth Bayes

21/12/1640 Bridget daughter Samuel/Ann Chapman help me in my research

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