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From: "Jo" <>
Subject: RE: Essex Parish Registers on CD
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 07:26:01 +0100
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Parish Registers are the property of each church Colleen, it's not just a
case of copying them into a medium to make them available, or like census
records which are not copyrightable anyway and so can be freely used.
Baptisms, Burials and marriages were the work & services provided by each
vicar, whereas birth, death dates etc were natural acts and records are
publicly available.

I know, at the expense of my patience (!) how long it takes to obtain parish
permissions to use register data. It can go on for months, involving
diocesan offices, many letters between them, vicars, records offices etc.
It's been what I'd call a "learning experience"! Some church incumbents have
no issue with it, others do..and you have to respect that, which is why on
my own site I've had to restrict the search mechanisms on some parish
records data to disable anyone from being able to reconstruct chunks of the
original registers or the original sequence in any way. Where I've been
unable to obtain full permissions - and having taken guidance from the vicar
and records offices in each case - the only way to do it until the vicar
relents ( or a new one takes over and may have a different view!) is to
restrict a screen display to one surname at a time: thus not enabling
original sequences of entries to be shown but at least allow researchers to
look at a family name and all records pertaining to it.

I bet the wonderful Rod would love to do as you suggest but it is an
enormous task- the bulk of which would be to get all Essex clergy to agree
on a format and what they were happy with....


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From: colleen morrison [mailto:]
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Subject: Essex Parish Registers on CD

Do other listers think there will ever be a big enough market to make
copying these registers a worthwhile project for, say, Archive CD books? I'd
buy them! But how many others would?


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