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Subject: Re: MILLER family in Stanway, Essex
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:54:47 EDT

In a message dated 16/04/2004 14:51:23 GMT Daylight Time,

They lived in Hackney , London at the time but at the time of the report had
"fallen away" due to the distance of the church they used ..............I
know my gg grandfather was born in Bermondsey in 1842 and that his father
was born in Barking Essex .was there any of these Peculiar Churches in the
areas of Hackney, Bermondsey or Barking that you'd know of ??
Hi Kerry
The website for the Peculiars is at
( but none of the existing churches
listed are in the places you mentioned. This does not mean that PP churches
have *never* existed there - the very first (in Rochford) ceased to meet
10-15 years ago and doesn't appear in the list. But most PP chapels were in Essex.
There are several books on the Peculiars and the lives of the original
founders, such as James Banyard and I am sure that if you contact the address on
the website they probably could help you.
Dave D

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