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Subject: RE: Judgement of our society
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:52:48 +0100
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Dear Fred and Listers,
I apologise for my harsh words, and withdraw them unreservedly.
My aim was to support someone who has been SO helpful and keen to help others,
that in my haste I took the wrong approach and mistakenly attacked what
I was trying to defend.

Sorry mille fois for any offence thus caused.

Best wishes
Cedric Godfrey
Nottingham UK

>-- Original Message --
>Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 09:31:53 +0100
>From: Fred Feather <>
>Subject: Judgement of our society
>Dear Cedric,
>As a lister I thought you might like to know another view about, what I

>consider, an unfair statement made on the list, on which you have
>commented and suggested we were spiteful. I wrote a gentle letter to ask
>advice from a member who buys and sells books and now write following a

>statement published on Rootsweb and the resulting criticisms of our
>Society. I fail to see any "instruction." I also had a complaint from
>the owners of the 1861 census index (which we do not produce) about this
>use. Any decision would be made the next time we met and discussed the

>matter. My letters may tell a different story.
>So, Cedric, that is us being spiteful. As someone who had just had a
>large lump cut off his face I did not consider that was done to spite
>anyone. But, often our words are used against us in a way we do not
>Best wishes,
>A Chairman of ESFH who instructs no-one and has been frequently helping

>people on the list for years.
>In message <>,
> writes
>>Hello John
>>Your enthusiastic generosity and offers of help appear to be too much
>>them!! Your kind offers of looks actually encouraged me to place an order
>>with them for several floppies, although I did not know about them before
>>your posting. Perhaps they are being spiteful/face/nose etc
>>Kind regards
>>Cedric Godfrey
>>Nottingham UK
>>post scriptum I am musing through your leaflet and will buy books from
>>list just as soon as our diy internal decorations are complete!!
>>Broadband from an unbeatable £15.99!

Broadband from an unbeatable £15.99!

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