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From: Fred Feather <>
Subject: Judgement on our society
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 09:30:14 +0100

Dear Martin,

As a member you are entitled to know the full facts about, what I
consider, an unfair statement made on the list, on which you have
commented and suggested that we might be more friendly. No decision was
ever taken, I wrote a gentle letter to ask advice from a member who buys
and sells books. I fail to see any "instruction" by me. Any decision
would be made the next time we met and discussed the matter.

I also had a complaint from the owners of the 1861 census index (which
we do not own) about this use.

Best wishes,

A Chairman who instructs no-one, is sometimes accused of being
over-friendly, and has been frequently helping people on the list for
As to pro-active, I have over 100 members who spend all their time
producing magazines, web-sites and 7 meetings each month to help the
other 3500. Unfortunately I run a Charity and have to account to the
public and the Annual General Meeting for what is done.

Martin ADAMS writes
>Hi John
>Sorry to hear your news. Maybe ESFH (Of which I am a member) could be a
>little more user friendly and pro-active themselves and find a way of
>co-operating with you for the good of ESFH and members of this list.
>all both are for the benefit of the members.........?
>Kind Regards

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