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From: "Jo Mason" <>
Subject: Re: 1851 LOOK-UPS - A BIG PROBLEM
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 19:29:09 +0100
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I do look ups & reply off list when I have the information - at one
time most folk did but now we are all expected to buy the CD. More
often than not my information is not on the CD and as a pensioner I
cannot afford to keep buying something which is no use. My days of
finding information have gone, except for a few 'not relatives' named
in wills, found while helping with NBI.

Visiting RO's isn't as easy now either when only one of a couple have
the family history bug and nothing is in a local county.

My gripes out of the way- I still enjoy FH!!

Jo in Leics

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