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From: "colleen morrison" <>
Subject: BENTALL, William - & his Goldhanger Plough
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 00:44:57 -0000
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Hello Alan,

I have quite a lot of information on the Bentall family. 'The Salty Shore' p
151 states that The Bentall family of agricultural implement makers
originated in Goldhanger before moving to Heybridge. William Bentall,
descendant of a line of Goldhanger farmers, developed his first ploughs for
farm use while farming in the village. His Goldhanger Plough, was a new,
more effcient, cast iron design. These were manufactured by the village
blacksmith at first, but after a few years, demand for them led Bentall to
building a small works in the village and by 1805, he moved the expanding
business to Heybridge to use the facilities of the Chelmer and Blackwater
Canal and the railway to transport his products. Wm was followed by his son,
Edward, who invented the patent broadshare and subsoil plough. These
products were rivalled by Joseph WARREN, who later founded the Maldon
Ironworks Company, not far from Bentall's Heybridge works. The Bentalls
continued to expand and produced many types of agricultural machinery.

Edward Bentall was a sailor and developed theories for improving the speed
and performance of sailing craft with a novel kind of hull. The famous
yacht, JULLAMAR, owned by Bentall, was produced by Bentall in partnership
with local yacht builder, John Harvey. There's a photo of Jullamar in the
book. Her crews and the yachting community knew her as 'Bentall's Plough'
because of her novel underwater shape. Bentall didn't race her, but after he
eventually sold her, new owner did and she won loads of races.

In the 1890s, Bentall owned and raced a yacht called Hyacinth, built by John
Howard - one of my Howards, I believe.

Bentalls, having perfected a petrol engine for agricultural use, went into
car production in the early years of the 20th century, though only about a
hundred vehicles were produced. The book, 'Maldon & Heybridge' in the
Archive Photo Series has photos of a couple of their cars and a number of
photos of the Bentall's, one of Bentall's float in the King George V
Coronation fete with some of their farm equipment, including William's
Goldhanger Plough on top of the float, there are also photos of their
manufacturing works - and of Edward Hammond Bentall's very swanky,
Italianate house in Heybridge, made of concrete blocks, it was called 'The


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> Colleen,
> This list looks interesting - I have found three names that are in my
> namely CLARKE, BENTALL and GOYMER (which I usually find spelled GUYMER or
> Is this book in print, or available for loan through a library? If so can
> have the ISBN number?
> Thanks
> Alan
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> Subject: Maldon, Tollesbury & W. Mersea surnames D-K
> > The following people/families feature in 'The Salty Shore' a lovely book
> about the people and villages of the Blackwater estuary. Most are
> yachtsmen, smugglers or their families - as you would expect.
> >

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