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From: Ruth Aylett <>
Subject: Re: chyrch church family essex england
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 20:22:12 +0100
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The first thing to do is check what _original source_ the information from is using. Anything as far back as 1300 predates parish records
(by about 250 years) and probably derives from Pipe Rolls or other sources
originally in Latin. Your chances of connecting any individual that far back
with anyone later is very low - if anyone claims they have it is likely they
have merely assumed that people with the same family name were related,
which is very shaky ground. Thus he may or may not be anything to do with
the John Chyrch of Castle Camps in Cambridgeshire. The info
cannot be very good anyway if it located Castle Camps in Essex.

The Richard Church ref should also be checked as the parish register for
Braintree does not go as far back as 1610 as far as I remember, though there
is some data from the 4 and 20, the vestry, who acted as a sort of town
council in this period. You may be lucky enough to find some land records
citing your guy, and for this you should search the Essex RO SEAX service at It is also worth searching the
PRO catalogue and online records at in case he was involved
in any litigation. Then try the Calendar of State Papers Domestic (available
in very large libraries) for any refs to him and also the Calendar of State
Papers covering the American Colonies (and the West Indies) for which I
don't remember the exact title.

Beware of wishful thinking and sloppy research - just because someone's
guesses appear in doesn't make it good or useful information.


on 21/6/03 7:25 pm, pamandrandy at wrote:

> hi,
> well all i can tell you is what i have.. how i listed this is from ancestry
> .com so i apologize in advance for mis spellings or wrong areas.
> Telferris Dewynton (?) born abt 1300 Castle Camp Essex England .
> im sorry im sorta new to the out of the united states search so i hope every
> one bares with me.
> the information i have the following and this is how i found it. per
> research over many years just in the united states.
> Richard Church b. 2-2 1600or 1610 in Braintree esses(essex)? england and he
> died in 1667 in Hadley Massachusettes-
> John Church born 1527 Castle Camp,essex England
> died at Sanford,Essex England.
> Robert Church born 1505 Castle Camp, Essex England died some were in England..
> ? in 1551
> Reynold Church born 1479 Castle Camp,Essex England
> died ?
> Richard Church born 5-9-1570 Castle Camp, Essex England, died 1623 England?
> John at Church born abt 1320 either in Castle Camp Essex, or Leiceister
> (sorry for spelling thats how it is on my paper from ancestry. com) he was a
> rector at mention i have no idea what that is ... but i know he was ivolved
> with the church of england.
> John Chyrch in early 1300's
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> From: "David Lamb" <>
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> Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 17:23:07 +0100
>> Hello,
>> Welcome to the list! I am sure there are plenty of people (including
>> myself) who would like to try to help, but first, can make one or two parts
>> of your request a bit clearer, and also give us a bit more information? For
>> example, is "telferris dewynton" a person or a place? (It is very helpful
>> to put surnames in capital ("upper case") letters, so it would be "Telferris
>> DEWYNTON" if it is a person. What sort of time are you referring to? I
>> would guess, from the use of the alternative CHYRCH spelling of CHURCH, that
>> it is probably several hundred years ago, rather than (say) 19th century. I
>> can tell you that Castle Camps (with an s on the end) is in Cambridgeshire,
>> not Essex. I haven't heard of a place in Essex called Great Paround, but
>> it could perhaps be Great Parndon, which is in the north west of Essex, not
>> far from Harlow.
>> I hope this alone is of some help, but when you post some more information
>> to the list, hopefully there will be more.
>> All the best with your research.
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>> From: "pamandrandy" <>
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>> Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 2:35 AM
>> Subject: chyrch church family essex england
>>> hi,
>>> I new to the group and i was not abt to post this after i seen the email.
>> i live in the united states and have very limited research data on essex
>> england i do belong to and other websites but i am at a stand
>> still.
>>> i am looking for the following families.
>>> telferris dewynton essex england
>>> john chyrch m. agnes in leicester england
>>> john at church m. carherine in leicester
>>> castle camp, essex england and great paround essex england
>>> richard church. m alice vassal
>>> daughter of henry and elizabeth vassal
>>> richard church. anne marsh (braintree essex england)
>>> reynold church m. margarete green daughter of robert green (castle camp
>> essex england)
>>> robert church ? of castle camp essex england.
>>> thank you
>>> pam rice church
>>> kentucky united states
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