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From: "John Henley" <>
Subject: Re: dates
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 20:30:26 +0100
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Hi Sue,
----- Original Message ----- From: "L&S Chilvers"
> Has anyone out there known of a case where a birthdate has been found to
be, in this instance, 1877 but has come up on the freebmd as 1905? I know
there is always the chance that the second date is a son but in this case I
don't think that is the answer. My ancestor died in 1916 aged 39 (I have
documented proof of this) and have found his death entered in the St.
Catherines Index but the only birth I can find is December 1905. Any
thoughts out there would be appreciated. Thanks Sue

The indexes are of the dates of registration rather than of birth tho' late
entries are *supposed* to attract a cross-reference from the birth year so
it could have been your man (perhaps needing to prove he was 18 for some
purpose and discovering he was not registered) BUT
FreeBMD is by no means complete (about 50% of entries to date) so I suspect
you have merely found a namesake.
You still need to thoroughly check the regular GRO quarterly birth indexes
in the normal way.

John Henley
(still catching up on masses of emails )
using Archive CDs - see
and researching (and not finding much time for - but always very glad to
hear of any)
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