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From: "patricia salter" <>
Subject: Re: Food additives
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:14:57 -0000
References: <> <002b01c2f4fd$205d8be0$9b3508d2@pavilion> <003f01c2f519$5b70c5a0$522532d2@i0l4o7> <00b501c2f523$16562500$707c2750@diane>

Hi Diane,
Did you see the '1940's House' on TV last year, it showed just how much hard
work the housewife had to contend with without our labour saving gadgets
like washing machines, dryers, temperature controlled ovens, vacuum
cleaners, fridge-freezers, etc etc. How would we manage today the way they
did, we would just fall apart. We have to admire them for their tenacity,
and if it was hard in the 40's, just imagine how hard it must have been in
the 1800's, but these people survived or else we would not be here now.

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