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From: "kerry Prentice" <>
Subject: PECULIAR PEOPLE religious Group
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:49:25 -0000

Hi I'm looking for anyone who perhaps had ancestors that belonged to this
religious group. They now go by the name of The Union of Evangelical

This religious group started out in 1837 , in Rochford Essex by James
Banyard , and spread to London by the mid 1850's.........having 2 meeting
houses in Woolwich/Plumpstead and Canning Town. There were about 1900
overall followers by the 1880's.

The main belief for which the Particulars became known was the refusal of
ANY medical intervention , including vaccination for small pox and measles
and other disease of the time,.causing several child deaths that were
perhaps viewed by others outside this group as un necessary. The peculiars
had found themselves in court on many occasions due to these deaths ,
however only once was a member charged with manslaughter on the grounds of
causing a death by not obtaining medical help. (I believe that this is no
longer a pre requisite to becoming a member)

Has anyone found that a child had died and an inquest was called for ?.many
inquest reports were destroyed , however they were often reported by local
newspapers (from where I found a report on the inquest my gg aunt age 2 yrs,
giving info regarding her parents belonging to this "Sect").

Perhaps the parents of your ancestor whose death called for an inquest was
part of the religious group ?.

Anyone finding a connection to this group would be very much appreciate as I
cannot find the birth of this childs father ..........perhaps his parents
were members I can't find a baptism either ( they only baptised
adults ).
Any help would be very much appreciated
Kerry Prentice
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