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From: "Colleen" <>
Subject: Re: Writs of Provy Seal
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:32:33 -0000
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Brilliant deduction, Pat, thanks for that!


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From: "Patricia Sloan" <>

> Well, the word Provy is almost certainly a mis-transcription of "Privy".
> The word and the context it is used in makes me think that it would be
> senior level of government - probably Cabinet level. The executive level
> Cabinet (the Prime Minister and the senior ministers) are often referred
> as the "Privy Council" - not sure about Britain anymore, but definitely in
> Canada.
> My guess is that John Dyse was given a pardon in respect of some
> crime, that could only be pardoned at a Privy Council level. Could have
> some kind of political offense around disloyalty to one group in power and
> when that power shifted, the new group liked what he was doing, and
> him. Could also have been murder - who knows. But it certainly involved
> something that was not just your garden variety theft of a chicken or
> whatever.
> The term "Order in Council" is probably the modern equivalent of "Bill of
> the Privy Seal".
> This is just guesswork, based on my career in the Canadian government.
> may be someone on the list who knows exactly what it means in terms of
> English political structures.

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