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From: "Kevan Wilding" <>
Subject: RE: 1871 Census Index - Look Up request
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 00:42:34 +0000

Actually apart from the last message, I am actually here to help
people out! But, then there are little people like yourself who I don't care
to recognise as people. Wouldn't you have been burnt as a witch? And all
your cohorts? I reckon so.
Apart from telling you where to go, I am putting in a vote of no
confidence in the List administration for the London List and perhaps we can
get rid of the likes of yourself and many others similar.

Look forward to your retirement.
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From: "Robert Cunning" <>
To: "Kevan Wilding" <>
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2003 10:05 PM

>From: "Noel Clark" <>
>Subject: RE: 1871 Census Index - Look Up request
>Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 10:06:09 +1100
>As far as I am aware, there is no index to the 1871 census of Essex.
>If I am wrong, then will someone please correct me!
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>From: H.P. Carlisle [mailto:]
>Sent: Sunday, 2 March 2003 04:21
>Subject: 1871 Census Index - Look Up request
>May I please ask if anybody has access to the 1871 census index for West
>Ham? My local LDS is still closed for renovation and refurbishment so
>cannot order in any films, and would be very grateful if someone could
>I have a marriage which took place in West Ham in 1873, but no specific
>address is given. I am hoping to find the prospective bride in 1871
>living with her parents and possibly some siblings.
>The father was RICHARD DAVEY, and the daughter was BETSEY DAVEY, who
>her age as 20 when she married in 1873. If anybody had a few minutes
>they could spare, plus access to the Index, I should be so grateful.
>If, on the other hand, I have asked too much (or the impossible) I shall
>quite understand.
>With best wishes,
>Helen, West Sussex, UK

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