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From: "Eleanor Ross" <>
Subject: Re: St Laurence Church
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:13:54 -0800
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Dear All,

I've learned to keep my mouth shut most of the time but I'd like to add my
point of view, briefly, to this discussion. I live on the west coast of B.
C. Canada on a little island that has a heli pad available for medical
emergencies - so no large air field problems here. We also have an old
postoffice building that looks like a large size out door biffy but it's
very special. People come to visit the island and are charmed by
this -maybe - 200 sq ft building that's maybe 75 years old. There's a very
small church near it which is unused most of the time in the way it was
intended. It's probably about the same age. People stop and look at it and
if encouraged actually open the door and go inside. And they come back out
with soft peaceful smiles on their faces. Those buildings are old to us.

My point is that old buildings matter and to someone like me so far away
from Essex, just the fact that they are and, that they are where maybe my
ancestors walked, is magical.

I started looking for ancestors as a way to help one of my grandchildren
with a school project. What I've found is that it has given me something so
very important and that is a context for me & my life. Old buildings are
part of that.

OK I'm done.

Eleanor, Cortes Island, B. C. Canada
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From: "Frederick Feather" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 11:16 AM
Subject: St Laurence Church

> Dear All,
> As my wife and I started the St. Laurence enquiry, may I please comment.
> We spend much time running around the county, answering enquiries for
> Canadians, Australians and Americans. My society has about five teams
> within Essex, some quite elderly, crawling through long grass, avoiding
> snakes, falling down holes, their purpose to locate and preserve the
> inscriptions on graves. Soaking wet they end up in pubs like the
> Marlborough Head in Rochford, another good job done, another churchyard
> recorded for others to benefit. They then put the results to another
> member, who is building the Essex Burial Index for posterity.
> But horror, your family-minded foreigner pays for an expensive trip over
> here and bingo -someone has dug their relative up and the grave has
> gone.
> Oh, mate! - Don't desecrate, don't excavate poor Grandad. Oh dear!
> Oh Fred, although he is dead - let him ruminate in peace - Mate.
> (From-They are moving Grandad's grave to build a Sewer - The Goons.)
> I think that real genealogy is helping others. People here (and I am
> sure there also) are doing things. Despite Mick Daniels's rather joky
> style, I am with him on this. This really is not a political matter, it
> is a matter of how you feel about life. It worries me that there may be
> people who could forget how these matters actually get recorded.
> I can see why some might have been irritated, but our volunteers who
> read these messages need to know how much they are valued. The doors of
> St.Laurence have swung on the same hinges for 20 generations and now
> someone wants to knock it down to cover the limited period when planes
> fly in the same way they do at present.
> We have never campaigned before. No-more to say. Thank you Elmo - there
> are yellow ribbons all over the trees of St.Laurence churchyard.
> Dances with Wolves on TV tonight - bet the Indians (sorry First Nation)
> get niggled when paleface violate their spirit grounds.
> Fred,
> Chairman,
> Essex Society for Family History.
> >Michael,
> >
> >Being retired college professors of biology and chemistry, we are quite
> >familiar with the posterior anatomy of the rat tribe and many others,
> >including Homo sapiens. Thanks for recognizing our superior knowledge.
> >Now, let's put St. Laurence to rest and get on with genealogy.
> >
> >As ever,
> >
> >James Harris, Ph.D.
> >Virginia Beach, Virginia
> >USA
> >
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> >Subject: Last call: St Laurence Church
> >
> >
> >Thanks to Dave and Bob for their forthright comments apropos the church
> >discussion.
> >Also those from the Harris's in the US were noted. Must admit doing
> >history, I never had cause to focus on the posterior anatomy of the rat
> >tribe, thus best now I
> >bow to the these lister's obvious superior knowledge.
> >
> >Cheers Michael
> >
> >______________________________
> --
> Frederick Feather

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