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From: "Chris Goddard" <>
Subject: Re: Canvey Island
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 20:33:06 -0000
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Richard wrote:

> the 'Great Tide' or 'North Sea Surge' of January 1953.

I was wondering if this thread was coming up. I came across a really
excellent account when I was researching Bridgemarsh Island where one of my
ancestors was born.

If anyone is interested in reading a thoroughly enjoyable, very moving, and
(almost surprisingly) official account it is:

Author: Grieve, Hilda, 1913-
Title: The great tide: the story of the 1953 flood disaster in Essex, with
maps drawn by P.A.Sparke
Publisher, date: Essex County Council, 1959
Description: 883p., ill., 26cm

I would emphasise that is a very moving account of the flood. Many of the
circumstances of those who died are given in detail. Rather than be a dry
account of something which happened half-a-century ago, it has a sense of

I hope that the sea defences will never be tested and found lacking ever


Chris Goddard
Plymouth, U.K

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