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From: "Jo Mason" <>
Subject: Re: It would be interesting to learn why / great grandparents
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 11:16:54 +0100
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It was after looking after my husband's grandmother for her last 9
months in 1970, age 95 that 6 months later my oldest son, 7, asked who
his other gt grandparents were.
If only he had asked earlier BUT with 3 young children, a foster child
& a house in the middle of DIY modernisation when she needed a carer.
I discovered she had 3 brothers & 2 had gone to S America before WW1.
1881 gave me the brother's names and wading through consular deaths I
eventually [this year] found a likely one in Montevideo, Uruguay. His
death certificate gave both his and his brothers addresses in 1940 and
a helpful editor tracked down an email address of 2 HAWKINS from
there, neither in Uruguay at the time but my message to both received
enthusiastic replies from both & one is ours & we are going to meet
them later this year as a belated ruby wedding trip!! We have about
50 new rellies.

They are not Essex HAWKINS but Mdx -1836, Wor1837-c61, Ssx, 1871; Knt
1881, Brk; Sfk 1891? & hopefully Ipswich 1901

Jo in Leics [near enough]

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