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From: "jacqueline.cooper" <>
Subject: Re: finding the lost
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 11:13:33 +0100
References: <000c01c2507f$9d2f8100$efc40150@tinypc>

The majority of people in UK are not ex directory, although it often seems
so when
it's the one person you are looking for!
The BT online site ( I think?) makes it easy to find people's
phone numbers if you have
a rough idea of where they live - unless they're ex directory I presume.
A brilliant way of finding people is the friendsunited website as millions
of people have subscribed to
it - but then you all know that as you've probably already subscribed.
Otherwise a general name search on Google or whatever generally finds dozens
or sometimes
thousands of instances so worth a trawl and you may strike lucky. I know for
instance that I'm listed on various history sites so presumably a name
search would pick it up.

In short we have lost our anonymity the moment we go on the internet, unless
we go in for all that encrypting stuff. So I don't think in this electronic
age it is particularly difficult for anyone
to find out where people in the UK live if they really are determined to dig
them out - unless they've departed, in which case the civil burial indexes
in London will record it.

People like me also use pretty obvious email addresses and as many people
subscribe to hotmail type providers because they can access them easily, you
can take a pot luck on finding someone that way. I'm told that unless you
encrypt your email, a clever hack can get into it anyway as it wings its way
around the world. All this is a good reason to keep personal stuff off the
list - although this will reduce its usefulness for future historians
trawling through the Essex UK roots archives....


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