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From: "Richard Goring" <>
Subject: Re: It would be interesting to learn why
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 19:00:41 +0100

My prime reason was to discover what I could about my 'natural' parents and their ancestors (I was adopted as a toddler). Once started, I began researching my wife's family tree, too (in fact, I made much better progress with hers than with my own, to begin with).

After discovering my birth name was Beardmore, I began gathering all and any information on that name, out of which grew the BEARD(S)MORE One-Name Study (there are other variants, but Beardmore and Beardsmore are the two most common).

My wife's ancestors are virtually all Kentish, mine are mostly 'Black Country', Birmingham and Surrey/Hants, but I do have two Essex lines, namely BIRD and HAGGER, both from the west side of the County - Epping, Stanford Rivers, etc.

I have been in touch with my natural mother for many years now, and we all get on very well. My father was a Canadian soldier. He is proving to be a real 'character', but after tracking him to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in January 1951 he seems to have disappeared. I don't devote that much time to my wife's or my own family trees these days, as I have more or less explored all the straightforward avenues and those that are left are time-consuming and costly!

Richard Goring
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