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Subject: Re: Re: Show where we live? Be careful!
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 11:57:52 +0000

Here, Here Colleen,

I don't like to give too much information of where I live or my surname as it can have frightening and worrying consequences.

A few years back I worked in a well known supermarket and they used to insist that you had your surname as well as first name printed on your name badge. Unfortunately from this a rather disturbed individual found my home address and phone number out and plagued me at all hours with threatening phone calls and sent some very disturbing and upsetting mail. To cut a long story short, the police became involved but the culprit was never caught. The supermarket chain now no longer insists on surnames on badges for the employees safety.

I don't wish to make everyone paranoid over this issue but I can say from my own experience Colleen is right - Be Careful!


> From: "Colleen" <>
> Date: Fri 30/Aug/2002 11:06 GMT
> To:
> Subject: Re: Show where we live? Be careful!
> One thing I thing we need to bear in mind is that we
> all reveal quite a lot about ourselves in these lists. I'm
> all for that, however, elderly people living alone and
> those with disabilities, for example, may need to
> withhold information regarding where they live
> because of their greater vulnerability to the rotten or
> exploitative elements in our society. It's quite easy to
> trace the exact address of someone with an
> uncommon surname - or of someone living in a small
> village.
> Also, some listers living in Essex receive a lot of offlist
> requests for help. Some have told me that they are
> reluctant to say where they live for fear of receiving
> such requests at times when they are unable to help
> with them. For this reason - and because I like to focus
> on one area at a time - I don't include where I live
> every time I post, I add this selectively! Other listers
> may notice that I often post items of interest about villages
> I am visiting - that's the time to ask me to help you with
> queries about these places, I don't always want to switch
> my focus from that area to my home area.
> Best wishes,
> Colleen
> Colleen
> Colleen
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> From: "Peter Cavill" <>
> > I am one of those people who has no problems stating where I live, even
> the
> > exact address, if needed; but then, that's me.
> > Let me say that by knowing an exact address(email or snailmail) of a given
> > person, I have been able to gain some very valuable in-person, first hand,
> > local knowledge; that I would NOT find in any other way.
> > Pete Cavill
> > Kelmscott(17 miles south of Perth), Western Ausrralia - ex Enfield, North
> > Middlesex/London
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