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Subject: Re: 1901 census thanks - errors
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:17:47 +0000

>Try some absurd distortions of the name and place name, I've found
>some in this way. For example, Robinson as Dobson, Edward as
>Edmund, my Pasks as Parks, wrong ages given too. Other lists have
>found Rusilip as Rusiley, Thorfield as Therfield etc, the whole of
>Sheringham is supposed to be transcribed as Steringham. Could we
>all post a running list of these sort of errors we find perhaps? Then
>we may be able to begin to see the likeliest mad logic to use to
>attempt to overcome these errors?

I discovered that Woodham Mortimer appears as Woodham Mortimer Entire for
some people living there and as W Mortimer Entire for others.

Places of birth are often wrong (as they were in the 1881 census too):
Dingie for Dengie, but I'm not sure if Gillingham Essex is really
Tillingham Essex or Gillingham Kent. I go for the first as its only a
one-letter change.

I've found a number of family-name errors (as Hylett for Aylett) by putting
in the subject's first name and other details, and a number of place-name
errors by using the name and approximate age.

If someone can tell me how to locate a William Jones (aargh) born in the
Welsh village of Llangybi, do let me know. The system doesn't seem to
recognise Llangybi as a place.

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