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From: Lois and Bruce Walker <>
Subject: RE: It would be interest me to learn why
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 07:30:51 +0800

Hi Listers

I hope that you aren't tired of this thread by now, but as my reason
differs from others I have already seen, I thought that I would add my
reason for researching the family tree.

Even when I was a child I heard stories that my great grandfather was
transported to Western Australia, but even so family members would deny
outright that he was a convict. Others would say that he came to Western
Australia before he was given the one-way ticket. And there were all sorts
of reasons for him changing his name!

My mother always called me a 'sticky-beak' so what else could I do but
research the family? And found three convicts! My great grandfather was
born in Bures Hamlet, spent several years in West Bergholt, and did soem
'work' in London which is where he was when convicted. He married the
daughter of another convict. They came from Devon in 1858. Another daughter
of this convict also married a convict - the social scale was well and
truly alive.

Anyway, I have answered some questions but not all, and I 'think' that most
relatives accept that great grandfather was a convict. Not many of the
older generation left now and those of us of the 'younger' generation think
it very fascinationg. For those of you not in Australia, it has almost
become a 'must have' to be descended from a convict.


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