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From: "Annemarie Shuttle" <>
Subject: Fw: It would be interest me to learn why
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 21:00:19 +0100

Our reasons for researching the name SHUTTLE was when my mother-in-law died
two years ago apart from us and our four children and an uncle and aunt
there was no other SHUTTLE's around.
For years my husband asked his father where the rest of the family were only
to be told that two brothers droves a flock of sheep from Wiltshire and
decided to settle in Chigwell and that we are the only ones, as they were
not a big family!!
Well they were a small bunch which got cut short due to the young men being
killed in the first world war. There were far more than we were led to
believe but with the discovering came the secrets which we are uncovering
and boy is it fascinating and we have not uncovered them all yet but we

Annemarie Shuttle
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Subject: RE: It would be interest me to learn why

> well, after reading everyone else's reason's i thought i would add mine.
> I(we) decided to do our family tree to show our son that his name, George
> came from both my husbands and my side of the family.
> Little did i know how many times George turns up lol.
> 16 George's up to now and that's only my side and we (well me the bug not
> transmitted to hubby yet) have only been doing our tree since january
> thankyou for all the help of fellow listers
> interests in Essex:
> PLUMSTEAD >Great coggeshall
> CRESSWELL > Great Coggeshall
> Tracet>Bocking>Braintree>Great Coggeshall
> DOWSETT> Colchester
> Alison
> Leicester

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