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From: "Simon Wiehe" <>
Subject: Re: It would be interest me to learn why.......
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 12:10:14 +0100
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I assume that your post was an invite to others to post their reasons for
looking into their family history.

Well mine is quite simple, as you can see I don't exactly have a common name
and I was getting fed up with people saying 'That's an interesting name,
where does it come from ?' and me not knowing the exact answer. I had an
inclination it was German but to my knowledge nobody had proved exactly
where it came from. My quest was to find where and when it came to England
because all my known family had come from East of London, in Middlesex and

My quest took me to around 1860 when my great-great-grandfather William
WIEHE came to London from Germany and married a girl from Padder Bourn (sp?)
at St Boniface German Catholic Mission church in Aldgate (it is still there
and they have the register entry for the marriage) in 1865. I still have not
managed to trace an exact town for William but I do now know his father's

Once I found this out I had caught the bug and although I had said I was
only interested in the male line of the WIEHE name I started looking at my
Grandfather's family on my Mother's side. This is the one that actually came
up with the biggest challenge and interesting research in Sidney RAINBIRD,
he died when my Grandfather was 3 1/2 so very little was known about him
within the family, but that is a whole email in itself. That put me in
contact with others researching RAINBIRD and now I am doomed as my spare
time, what little I have with 2 children under 4, is consumed with Family
History. Fortunately my Wife's family name (HARKNETT) has been well
researched so I don't have to worry about that side of the family.

Simon Wiehe

Researching just WIEHE and RAINBIRD at the moment.
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Subject: It would be interest me to learn why.......

> The listers became interested in, and took up genealogy-cum-family
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