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From: "Stella Howlett" <>
Subject: Re: TWICE in the 1881 census?
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:02:05 -0700
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Audrey wrote:


> My great aunt who went to Canada always thought she was two years
> than she really was and this was no affectation. She always quoted
her age
> as younger even when it was not in her interests. Consequently,
> granddaughters looked at the wrong set of photos of Barnardo's
> arrivals for her. She was fifteen on arrival, not thirteen as she
had told
> them. They must have had her birth certificate and worked it out
from oral
> information. But she had no need of her birth certificate. She
never had a
> driving licence, a bank account, a passport, or anything else that
> such a document. On her marriage certificate, she is down as two
> younger too.
> Is this off-topic?

Thread-drift, perhaps? < g >

Very good point, Audrey, and a good reminder to those of us who
sometimes get carried away and assume that dates and ages on
documents such as marriage & death certs, census returns, etc. must
be correct--when in fact they are very often wrong.


Stella Howlett
BC, Canada

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