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From: "Richard Goring" <>
Subject: Re: Essex Boundary clarification
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 00:22:15 +0100
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Hi, Trudi.

Well, St Pancras always was in Middlesex, before it was swallowed up by the
expansion of London. It is not close to Walthamstow in any sense that
someone in Britain would regard as 'close'.

It was and still is quite normal for couples to marry in the bride's parish.
It sounds as though she had migrated to London (where, of course, the
streets were paved with gold - or more likely, rotten food, raw sewage and
horse manure) - most probably as a servant or shop girl.

It was probably not out of the question that there was thatching work to be
had in St Pancras at that time. But they may have met somewhere else, of
course. Does the marriage certificate not give places of residence for them
both? Or does it just say 'St Pancras'?

Hope this is of some small help.

Richard Goring
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From: Trudi Barr <>
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Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 5:51 PM
Subject: Essex Boundary clarification

> Hi List,
> and maybe someone could help me please.
> I have a marriage by banns, in the Parish of St. Pancras, in the County
> of Essex, dated 17 Nov 1838, between William READ and Harriet POPE
> whose residence at the time of marriage is listed only as 'Brunswick
> Street'.
> I know that these days St. Pancras is in London, but what I am wondering
> is: is how likely someone (ie William Read) who was born in North Weald
> Basset but grew up largely in Harlow, would have been to marry so far
> outside his Parish (his wife, Harriet, was from Wiltshire).
> Or was it really so far? From what I can tell by looking at a map on
> the Old Maps site, St. Pancras was in the Walthamstow area? is this
> correct? and would this have been relatively close to North Weald/
> Harlow?
> My William Read at the time of his marriage was a Hay Binder/Thatcher
> . . would he have been able to ply this trade so close to London?
> I thought that maybe they had run off to get married, but being married
> by banns seems to preclude that, plus the witnesses were also READs so
> that seems to suggest that some of the family were aware of the
> nuptials.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Trudi in far-off Canada (& trying to make sense of Essex geography/
> Boundaries)

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