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Subject: Moral standards
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 10:46:02 EDT

I can't speak for my fathers side ( from essex), but on my mothers side, who
come from Guernsey, "natural " births are more the norm than being unusual.
Natural being the term used rather than the horrendous "B" word.

My own mother was born this way, with three siblings of different fathers,
while the mothers mother etc being the same. Indeed, the islanders joke that
they are all related !

The main cause being WW1 and 2, while prior to that, the fathers would be
away at sea for years at a time, perhaps having their own "natural" children
in different ports.

So, one wonders the use of tracking ones "family" name. I think one
researcher tracked his family name using DNA ( and others, of the same
family name, I believe in Essex) and found that perhaps 30 % were actually
direct descendants of that name, while the others were of natural births at
one point or another. I would say though, that my own family back through the
1780 in Essex were married, but this does not mean that the wives did not
have other liasons.

So, perhaps many of us are related, but will only find out WHO we REALLY
are, when DNA bcomes more readily available to researchers. This "Hemmings"
black family claiming descendancy from President Jefferson, may actually have
MORE Jefferson blood than the "white" family claiming direct descendancy. lol
Just some thoughts.

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