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From: "Clive Holden" <>
Subject: Irrelevent postings
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 08:23:23 +0100
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Hello all!

I find myself asking again could we please keep messages to this list
relevant to genealogical questions, answers and information. I belong to
several lists and none of them begin to approach this one for the amount of
"hot air" generated! Now I see we have raging arguments spilling over from
other lists as well as personal "grandstanding" , person-person
"thank-you's" and pats on the back which could be done "off list". It seems
there are some people that just want to use this list for an ego trip!

There are replies to messages that dont "clip" the original message so we
have posings repeated in full a number of times. It's all so un-neccesary.

I receive this List in Digest mode and it's not uncommon to receive as many
as 4 digests a day full of messages 75% of which are deleted after opening
because they contain such rubbish!

Sorry to moan but I had to get this off my chest

Happy Days!

Clive Holden

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