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From: Dian Elvin <>
Subject: Re: Tiptree Heath Occupations
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 21:11:35 +1000
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Dear Herb

I think I have this right. Someone will correct me if I am wrong:

Rates in UK are the bane of all house/land owners. They are a kind of tax
paid to the local Council (Government office) for use to pay for the
practical things around the parish (like lighting and mending the pavements
- or sidewalks - etc). More important things are paid for by the County
Council - the County being a collection of parishes - and those would be
further taxes. Essex, the county, for example is divided into parishes.

There are County Councillors and Parish Councillors and they both have
elections to vote these people onto the two different Councils. A Parish
Clerk is an important officer for the local Parish Council. He/she is not
voted in but paid to do a job for the Parish Council. A parish being an
area of land round a village or small town which includes the parish church.
There is a Parish Council to look after all the practical things like the
village hall, sewerage and lighting etc. The Parish clerk would deal with
the correspondence and hand-write the minutes of the parish council
meetings. He would also be one of the people entrusted with the job of
enumerating the census.

Hope this helps!

All the best, Dian

Now in Tarago, NSW, Australia but also an ex-rate-payer of Tackley Village,
Oxfordshire and a great fan of the local Parish Clerk in the 1960s. He
looked after the parish maps which showed when the fields were "enclosed".

Someone else may want to expand on this.

on 18/4/02 12:34 PM, at wrote:

> Listers
> I received from Ian Hunter information from his Directories that my great
> granfather, George Banham,was a rate collector from 1874 to at least 1882.
> Can someone shed some light on what a rate colector did in those days?I
> assume he was a tax colector of sorts,but I would love to know just how he
> might do his job, where he fit in the local government infrastructure and
> just anything about the tax structure in those times?
> Secondly, he was listed in 1871 as the parish clerk for Tiptree
> Heath,presumably for St Luke's Parish Church. Could SKS who has access to ST
> Luke's Parish registers see what years he served in that capacity?
> Finally, Colleen Morrison provided information that he enumerated the 1871
> census. Could SKS who has access to the 1861, 1881 and 1891 Census for the
> area covering Tiptree check and see if he enumerated any of these census?
> Thanks in advance
> Herb Banham
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