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From: "Noel Clark" <>
Subject: FW: Batch Numbers
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:25:55 +1000

Jayne, the point about children dying in childhood is this. The IGI (and
of course, the parish records from which it has been compiled) contains
many baptisms of children who subsequently died without ever marrying or
having children.

The fact that you find on the IGI a baptism of a person of the name you
are looking for, even in the parish that you believe is the one, does
NOT mean that that person survived to marry and have issue, and does not
mean that he/she is your ancestor. Many children died in infancy. It was
also frequently the case that there were several different people of the
same name in the same parish, and plenty more in adjoining parishes.
The commoner the name, the bigger the problem!

The IGI simply does not, except in very few cases, contain burials or

It is essential to examine the original parish records to determine who
has died. Not only that, looking at the PR enables you to see, in many
cases, much more than is listed on the IGI. Marital status of marriage
partners, children born to people of the same name but described as
"Senior" or "Junior", people referred to as "son of", "daughter of",
"wife of", or "widow", and so much more that I can't begin to list. Some
PRs contain much, much more, where the vicar annotated the entries with
additional information, such as the maiden name of a wife and so on.

Permit me to give you an example.

If you look up in the IGI you will find an Elnathan BLOSSE baptised 30
Nov 1665 at Freston, Suffolk. You will also find an Elnathan BLOSSE
married Ann CANT 25 August 1701 at Freston.

What the IGI DOES NOT tell you is that the Elnathan BLOSSE baptised on
30th November 1665 was buried on 12th April 1667.

So, a family tree showing Elnathan BLOSSE baptised 1665 as having issue
would be quite incorrect.

I'm sorry, but it is not possible to draw up an authoritative and
accurate family tree without looking at the original records.


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From: jayne perry [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, 17 April 2002 17:45
Subject: Re: Batch Numbers

Hi Stella,

I understand what you are saying..and thanks.
I will explain, from my perspective, how I use and have found the IGI
First of all, I live in New Zealand and at this point, I don't have
to Parish records. So short of asking one of the lists that I belong to,
a request to look up everybody that they can find for me, I have to do
of my own background work....which I thoroughly enjoy, I should add.

I use a combination of IGI, and Free BMD.
I go to the IGI and lookup the name I'm trying to find. If I am lucky it
will be there, mostly I have had success. I then sift through all the
results to find the right area or Parish with the person I have searched
After clicking on this result, I get the batch number at the bottom of
screen and go back to the search page,type in the batch no., surname and
region and click search. Usually there is a good result of people from
same families as this is the parish they all belonged too.
This gives me leads on other family members, when I am not having any
tracing my original one. I either jot them all down or copy and paste
I check these different people against records and Free
At this point I compile my information and then send a message to the
asking if anyone has these people on their family tree, or for a lookup.
can honestly say that I have found a huge amount of people this way.

I don't rely on the IGI results to fill my family tree and I wouldn't
suggest that anyone else does either. Apart from the fact that, if you
make contact with people, it is no fun anyway.

I do have several people that I don't have death records for and I don't
understand why, without them, it is not a family tree.
Please correct me if I am wrong but the reference to compiling a family
and not realising one or two links have died in childhood or birth, I am
confused about. If these particular people have died, then I would think
wouldn't find any records about them on the IGI, so your person would
be a name on your tree- without spouse or children so it shouldn't be
much of a problem. If you really wanted to know what happened to that
person, you would research other avenues from there.

Sorry about my long email. I didn't know how else to explain how useful
find the IGI.

Have a nice day,


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From: "Stella Howlett" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: Batch Numbers

> Jayne,
> Any deaths that you see in the IGI are from private submissions and
> are not always very reliable. Often they are just guesses. The LDS
> aren't interested in deaths or burials, and their controlled
> extractions don't include either of them. The IGI should only ever be
> used as a direction pointer. As one lister has pointed out, one can
> very easily compile generations one's family tree using the IGI
> without realising that one or two of those links actually died in
> infancy or childhood. The IGI is not a substitute for actual research
> in the parish records.
> Regards,
> Stella Howlett
> BC, Canada


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