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From: "Janis" <>
Subject: Re: Batch Numbers Corrections
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:56:17 -0400
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I am not an LDS member but have volunteered in a Family History Centre
for many years. It is my understanding that IGI entries can't be

The IGI is a listing of LDS Ordinances that have been performed in LDS
temples. The IGI is used by LDS members to determine whether proxy
baptisms and sealings have been performed for their ancestors and to
help them trace their ancestors.

Genealogists make use of this LDS Index to help them locate their own
ancestors. By looking at the original records a researcher can
determine whether the entries found on the IGI are correct or not. The
original records will often contain burial entries which may indicate
that the person whose baptism you found on the IGI could not be the
person who married your ancestor as this person had actually died at an
early age. Now you know to look further for the baptism you need.

Unfortunately many of the entries submitted by LDS members years ago
were incorrect and little actual research was done in many cases to
confirm dates and places of birth or marriage. Other errors occurred
when volunteers transcribed parish records and couldn't read the old

Since the entries listed in the IGI are ordinances that have been
performed the entries can't be changed. The ordinances can't be undone
even though the info contained in them may have been incorrect. A
person may however submit an entry containing the correct info thru the
Temple Ready program at an LDS Family History Centre which would result
in a new ordinance being performed. This new ordinance would eventually
appear in the IGI Addendum. A researcher would then have to decide for
themselves which entry was the right one.

The majority of entries found on the IGI are births, baptisms and
marriages because the ordinances performed in the LDS Temples relate to
proxy baptisms and the sealing of parents and children. Death info
isn't required for ordinance purposes.

For those researchers who live far away from the original records the
IGI may be one of the few sources of info available to them. If a
researcher understands what is contained therein and uses the info with
caution then it can be a great place to start. Unfortunately too many
people don't understand the content and accept everything as being
correct. They build their family tree using only this info and then
pass along their tree to other researchers as being correct.

I've located baptism and marriage entries on the IGI for many of my
ancestors but have confirmed most of this info by checking the parish
records, census records, etc. I'd still be looking for many of my
ancestors if I hadn't had the IGI to point me in the right direction.


London, Ontario, Canada

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From: "Don Shadick" <>
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Sent: April 17, 2002 3:18 AM
Subject: Re: Batch Numbers

> Stella, Jayne, & Listers,
> I am wondering if there is a way to correct the incorrect data on
> We have all found data that has been entered incorrectly, however if
> individual when they found mistakes sent the correct data into IGI,
with the
> correct source number, then in time IGI would become a very usable
> Plus many of us could save a lot of time and money in not having to
> and wait for information from England.
> We all complain about the sad state IGI is in, well, why don't we
> something about the problem?
> Does anyone know who to correspond with at IGI so the correct data
> be entered?
> Listers, please provide your thoughts on this subject.
> Sincerely, Don in the USA

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