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From: "Malcolm Hills" <>
Subject: RE: 1901 census transcription OUR RIGHTS
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:44:18 -0000
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I would agree with what Jeannette says regarding copyright - as
long as you don't publish a direct copy of their pages the
information contained within the census is not copyrighted - the
form it is provided in may be - but the data itself is not - so
if you transcribe it yourself and republish in a different form
and in particular provide add-on benefits to the data such as
searches, indexes etc you should not be breaching copyright.

Difficult to say whether or not the PRO can charge you to look at
it - they are entitled to recover costs in providing the
information should they wish - i.e. the costs of the media etc.
Remember Libraries "buy" all of their books and authors and
publishers are paid based on library copies read. That said, the
information in the census is not copyrighted and can be
transcribed and republished - and yes, you could sell that on if
you wished. In many aspects of UK law, it makes no difference
whether or not the product in question is sold, or given away -
the principal remains the same - i.e. in food law - it is an
offence to sell food beyond it's "use by" date, it is also an
offence to give it away beyond it's "use by" date - many
charities get caught up in this problem.

Malcolm Hills
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From: JEANETTE SHERMER [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: 1901 census transcription OUR RIGHTS

I think you will find that all the information on the 1901 census
is "Public
Information / Knowledge" and the PRO cant charge for us to look
at it, If
you look at it on the web then the PRO can charge for the work
they have
done putting it on the web. If we go to a Public Record office
and look it
up then there is no charge

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