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From: "George Spooner" <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Geography Project
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 15:25:22 +0800
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Any mail that urges you to 'forward this to everyone you know/in your
address book/x number of friends/etc.' is in effect a chain letter. It is
also spam. What the Computer Lab. Teacher is actually doing in this case is
teaching/promoting irresponsible use of the Internet.

I have visited the web site for Baker Elementary School and the following
message is on the home page:

"5th Graders Track E-mails from Around the World!"

We had originally planned to track e-mail for one month, but we have had
such a tremendous response to our project that we are no longer charting new
e-mail. Please do not respond to or forward our original e-mail. Thank you!
We will be posting results of our project on our web page soon.

BE WARNED: Whilst in this case the message seems to be genuine there have
been many other equally convincing messages in the past. The primary purpose
of this *type* of message is simply to harvest 'live' email addresses which
can then be sold to marketing organisations for many thousands of dollars.
The more convincing the message the greater the likelihood of people falling
into the trap. Put simply, messages of this sort are *almost always* a
confidence trick.


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Subject: Re: Fw: Geography Project

> Are you saying that it's a fake project? It sounds like an imaginative way
> of getting little kids to think beyond the world of southern California.
> bad thing - especially at this time! Or am I just too gullible?

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