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From: "Ian Hunter" <>
Subject: RE: Pre 1700 relationships?
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 19:59:47 -0700
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Umm, hate to tell you this, but around the mid 1800's there was a
beginning of the boom in genealogy and a lot of charlatans around to
take advantage of it.
A lot of people wanted to "prove" that they were related to some
famous/wealthy bod and it wasn't too difficult to knock something up in
a couple of hours and charge an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Quite easy to bung in a few generations of John's when you get a bit


Ian Pubby Hunter

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From: Chris Collin [mailto:]
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Subject: Re: Pre 1700 relationships?

I was very fortunate to be able to go back to 1400.

My aunt had been in contact with a cousin that I was completely unaware
of, in
London. He has a manuscript that was written in the mid-late 1800's,
detailed the family from 1400 until then. This was a goldmine!
However, like
any mine, there are cave-ins, unused explosives, dangerous areas, and

As was typical at the time, the eldest son inherited everything, so
there is
often scant information regarding younger sons, and often none at all
sisters. Some branches and generations are well detailed, especially
when the
bride came from a notable family. Others are barely mentioned.

There is a continous line from 1400 to the late 1500's, and then 5 John
COLLIN's in a row. The text continues with "John, the one mentioned
had..." and the line continues. I am still trying to figure out just
John this is! (I'm guessing the 3rd one, but...).

The writer was a lawyer in London, and likely had access to records, and
skills for research. And, it seems our family was always prominent
enough to
be included in records, but not enough to become political enemies of
what ever
power was then in vogue. Thus, we seem to have survived troubled times,
leaving enough records for others to find.

Of course, proving all the information is hard! Especially as I live in
Canada. I am trying to prove my right to the arms that were recorded in
visitation of Essex in 1634, that my ancestors neglected to update since
time. Based on the manuscript (and other family stories), I appears
that I am
indeed the heir (oldest son, of the oldest son, etc...), but proving it
take a lot more work.

I guess the moral of my story is - ask all your relatives about your
especially older ones. Do not put it off. Much the same sort of thing
happened with my wife's family. I attended a re-union of hers, and
everyone I could find. I was rewarded with lots of good information -
that three generations of her family fills my database as much as 17
generations of mine!

Chris Collin
Researching COLLIN NW Essex 1400-1900

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