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From: "David/Jenny Hatcher" <>
Subject: Re: Crooked Billet
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 15:30:54 +1000

This is one which I have always meant to check out as there are many pubs by
that name.

A "bill" in Old English was a sword and a "billhook" was a cutting tool used
well into the 20C (perhaps even now by country craft people). The billhook
was a machete like tool with a curved or hooked blade. Use a lot on farms
for hedging and cutting up small branches for hurdles etc.

However, "billet" in the English language also has an association with tree
trunks and fire-wood. Bille in old French was a tree trunk and a billet was
a large piece of fire-wood.

The Crooked Billet pub at Marks Gate (been there for a long time) was on the
very southern boundary of Hainault Forest (just across the road in fact) and
collecting firewood would have been a major occupation in the area and a
significant part of the local economy for centuries. What about the location
of other Crooked Billet pubs? Near woods?

Anyone else with a more definitive answer?



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Subject: Crooked Billet

>Anyone know what a Crooked Billet is/was?
>Ian Pubby Hunter

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