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From: Gerry Langley UK <>
Subject: Re: Birth registration
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 13:54:33 -0500

Hi Bob
This is a certain case for using the General
Register Office indexes (unless you already have)

The easiest????? way to trace details of English/Welsh
B M & D is by using the General Register Office indexes.
Here is some general information on English/Welsh Registration.

Most large libraries, County Record Offices, Family History Centres
operated by the Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons),
and research offices operated by some local Family
History Societies in England have indexes to the Registrars returns on
microfiche/film. Also LDS (Mormon) FHC's and many Library Facilities
in other countries including Australia, America & Canada may have access to
These indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths commencing July 1837
are organised in quarters(3 months) ending in March, June, September
and December, sorted alphabetically by surname.
Each entry gives Surname, forenames, (Age sometimes) Registration
place and two columns giving Folio and page number. (these two are
only of value if you are applying to the GRO Mydleton Place/ Smedly
(By post) for Certificates.
Opinion differs as to the best way to obtain certificates.I prefer
to apply to the local Registrar in the first place (£6.50) with a sae
only going to the GRO if that fails.
I feel that you get a copy of the original this way instead of a
copy of the copy sent to the GRO. Others prefer to apply to the GRO
direct in all cases.
This is quite sketchy if you require more just ask
Gerry Langley. Vice Chairman NDFHS
Co-ordinator NDFHS Research Centre Bolbec Hall U.K.
Researching LANGLEY: Kent and Jarrow: HESLOP Cumbria/Jarrow: McCARTHY/
Cork, Ireland/Scotland/Teeside/Durham: WILSON, Hexham NBL/Teeside
FALLO(O)N Ireland/Northumberland: POEL Essex: CAMPBELL, and stacks more.

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