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From: Ron Underwood <>
Subject: Re: ESSEX-UK-D Digest V01 #85
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 08:57:56 -0500
References: <>

To Pamela and Carol,

I recently had the problem of messages repeatedly showing up because my
Netscape browser was leaving them on the server even when they were
deleted on my computer. If this is your problem, to change the setting:

when Netscape inbox is on the screen
click Edit
click Preferences
double click Mail & Newsgroups
click Mail Servers
click Edit (on the right side of window)
click POP (on tab at the top)
unclick "Leave messages on server"
click OK until you have gotten back to inbox

They never said genealogy would be easy. Browsers other than Netscape
may have some other way to keep or delete messages on the server, in
which case you'll have to read the manual -- ugh!

Good luck,

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