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From: "Michael Herbert" <>
Subject: RE: Not Gen. related
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 14:17:25 +0300
In-Reply-To: <90A6853DDC44D41197A90008C728DC42281427@NEPTUNE>

If you are using FTM in the instruction manual for V5 chapter 10 Page 372
it gives instructions on how to transfer to a floppy disk to enable a
printer to print on a plotter machine as used by architects.
I have copied instructions below from Manual.

Printing an Extra-Large Tree on a Large Piece of Paper
If you have access to a large plotter, you can print your tree on a
poster-size piece of Paper. To find a plotter, check with engineering and
architectural service bureaus in your area. When you find a service bureau
that can plot your tree, follow the instructions below:
1. Find out what type of plotter they use and then install that plotter's
printer driver in Windows on your computer. For information about installing
printer drivers, see your Microsoft Window users Guide.
2. 2. Change the settings in Family Tree Makers Print setup dialog box so
that they match the plotter on which you will your tree.
3. See setting your printer options on page 365
4. From the File menu, select Print. Family tree maker displays the print
dialog box.
5. Select the Print to file check box. Also select Print Colour. If you want
the tree to print in colour or Greyscale and have selected colours while
creating your tree.
6. Click OK Family tree Maker displays the print to file dialog box.
7. Click the Drives drop down list and select the drive where your floppy
disk is located, and then in the File Name field, type a name for the tree.
For example if your floppy disk is in drive a:\ and you are creating a tree
for the Smith family, you would type something like
9 click OK
Family Tree Maker prints your tree to the diskette.
You can now take the floppy drive to a service bureau to print your tree.
The service bureau does not need a copy of Family Tree Maker to print your
They will simply copy the file directly to their plotter. For example, if
their plotter is connected to LPT 1 and your floppy disk is in drive a:\ of
their computer, they would type copy/b A:smithtree.prn LPT1:

Hope this helps.

Mike Herbert,


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